In Indonesia, cases of HIV/AIDS have spread to 32 provinces. Based on the category of the World Health Organization (WHO), six provinces have entered the concentrated phase. The six provinces are Papua, DKI Jakarta, Riau, Bali, East Java and West Java. Meanwhile, based on 2006 National KPA data, there are 10 provinces with the largest number of people living with HIV/AIDS in Indonesia. The ten provinces are DKI Jakarta, East Java, Papua, West Java, Bali, West Kalimantan, North Sumatra, Riau Islands, Central Java, and South Sulawesi.

To help suppress the spread of the HIV epidemic, including related issues such as stigma, discrimination, treatment, and prevention, multi-stakeholder involvement is highly expected. Therefore, CCPHI together with companies, donor agencies, government, media and NGOs feel it is important to build a community and network of observers, actors and practitioners on HIV and AIDS issues in Indonesia by holding a series of meetings called HIV and AIDS Discussions.